Who Are These Women Who Lose Weight And Keep It Off?

How To Be One Of Those Women Who Lose Weight Permanently

Do you get frustrated when you see on TV or in magazines these women who lose weightwomen who lose weight and keep it off? Most women can go on a diet for short amount of time and see positive changes. But most of them yo-yo the pounds right back on.

The secret for the women who lose weight and keep it off is that they embrace a lifestyle change. Healthy eating and exercise can’t be something you do for a month or a year. It has to be something you adopt long-term.

Because it’s forever, you don’t want to live in misery. You need to learn more about moderation. Let go of your guilty conscience if you eat your favourite foods and don’t see yourself a “failure” because you haven’t lost any weight over the past week. Here are the 6 factors that the women who lose weight and keep it off live by.

6 Golden Rules For Women Who Lose Weight Permanently 

1. Realistic Timelines

Most women who lose weight and keep it off for good don’t set goals they know they won’t be able to achieve. Saying you need to lose 70 pounds by next month isn’t just unrealistic, and it’s not healthy, either. Your body wasn’t meant to burn fat that fast. The harder you push it, such as limiting yourself to too small of a calorie count, the more stubborn your body will be in hanging onto your fat stores.  This is because your body feels like it’s in starvation mode.

Your metabolism could also be sluggish at first, especially if you’ve been sedentary for a long period of time. You need to give it time to get revved up so that it’s burning fat for fuel at a faster pace. But this doesn’t happen overnight. You have to learn to be okay with slower weight loss because that’s the kind that will stay gone for good. The tactics you’d have to employ to whittle away the pounds rapidly are the ones that drive you insane to the point of quitting your diet.

2. Awareness of Hunger Cues

Women who lose weight permanently are those who stay aware of their mission. It’s not about obsessing over dieting. Those are the ones who start a new weight loss program and suddenly their entire identity revolves around that diet plan and nothing more.

Women who are aware of their hunger cues learn how to adopt the great habit of not eating when they’re not hungry. It’s a prevalent problem with women who are overweight – eating out of boredom or for emotional reasons.

Most women don’t even know what hunger feels like anymore because they never truly let their bodies get to that point. They simply eat when it’s time. They also eat whatever portion is served. Part of being aware of your hunger cues is about knowing when to stop eating what’s on your plate. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to become aware of how full you are, so eat slowly or you’ll go over without knowing it for awhile.

3. Moderation, Not Abstinence

When many women go on a diet, they have an all or nothing mindset. Once you’re on that diet wagon, it means any “cheating” is a diet failure. The key to losing weight long term is to take the moderation approach. There’s nothing wrong with having the occasional cake or ice cream. But stick to your hunger cues. And with guilt out of the picture, you won’t tend to binge on things you feel like you have to give up another day.

Listening to your hunger cues and making all foods okay gives you the freedom to lose weight over time without feeling deprived, without panicking and being upset when you “cheat.”

We’ve grown up accustomed to making meals a part of our traditions. We have special holiday meals, dinners with friends, and comfort foods that we enjoy cooking for our own loved ones. And there’s nothing wrong with that! The minute you vow to give up your favourite foods for good is the minute you sign a death warrant for your diet success. You’ll be concentrating on what you’re giving up, not what you’re gaining through better health habits.

4. Non Food Rewards

Women who lose weight and keep it off know how to reward themselves for all their hard work. They don’t lose 5 pounds and then plan a trip to their favourite fast food restaurant to celebrate!  Find ways to appreciate your efforts that don’t involve food. Sometimes it can cost money, but it doesn’t always have to. Treat yourself to a new outfit (to match the pounds shed) or one new item if you’re budgeting. Or perhaps have a day of rest with no work, cleaning, cooking, etc.

Your rewards need to be a symbol of your own interests. Don’t go and see a movie your spouse wants to see (but you can’t stand) if it’s supposed to be your reward. Wait until you can see one that will be a pat on the back for all your hard work.

5. Ability To Ignore Influence

Sometimes, the ones we love most can be some of our biggest obstacles when it comes to losing weight. Friends and family mean well but not everybody goes about it the right way or has the best intentions at heart.

Most of the time, they don’t know they’re sabotaging your weight loss plans. They offer you high-calorie snacks and meals in a joking manner, not realizing it’s hurtful to you that someone you care about would try to make you fail.

Just as you don’t want others pressuring you to diet their way, don’t do the reverse and turn into someone who does nothing but talk about how much weight she’s losing. There’s more to you than what the scale says. If you notice you’ve become obsessed with losing weight and can’t find anything else to talk about, it’s time to step back and find yourself again.

6. Movement, Not Exercise

One of the most challenging parts about embarking on a weight loss plan is that we have to start moving our bodies. The key to long term weight loss success is adding movement to your day with activities you enjoy doing. It shouldn’t be something you dread and want to find excuses for.

You can burn calories while having fun!  You want to prevent boredom whenever you add an exercise regimen to your weight loss efforts. Not many people enjoy the thought of hopping on a treadmill day after day, watching the same scenery. It’s much more fun (and better for your body) if you switch things up and change your routine so that it’s anything but routine in your life.

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