How To Stick With An Exercise Plan

9 Tips To Help You Stick With An Exercise Plan

stick with an exercise plan
Will you stay on track with your exercise plan?

Starting an exercise plan is only half the battle. Trying to stick with an exercise plan is a huge challenge for most people. You may start out strong, never missing a workout, and you may even be seeing some positive challenges with your body and energy. And then suddenly life gets in the way.

You start missing a workout once and while, but then before long, you’re missing several a week.  Once you start skipping workouts, it gets easier to skip the next time. Once you get out of the regular routine it’s difficult to get back on track. Here are some helpful tips on how to stick with an exercise plan for the long term.

9 Ways To Stick With An Exercise Plan

1. Find Something You Enjoy

If you hate your exercise program chances are good that you won’t stick with it long-term. Life’s too short to stick with an exercise plan you don’t like or enjoy. Take the time to find something you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to try new ways of getting exercise, and don’t give up till you find something that you enjoy.

2. Schedule Your Exercise 

Make exercise a priority by scheduling time for it. Many people find it helpful to exercise in the mornings so that nothing gets in the way of it later in the day. If you schedule your exercise time like you would a doctor’s appointment, then you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals and you’ll set yourself up for long-term success.

3. Track Progress

Be sure to track your progress so that you will have something to look back at when your motivation starts to wane. If you can see how far you’ve come by looking at a fitness journal and pictures, you’ll be more likely to succeed long-term.

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4. Take Pictures

Take pictures once a week so that you can see your progress. Some people prefer to take monthly pictures, and that’s perfectly fine. You’ll see more changes month to month than from week to week, and that works better for some people. Just be sure you record your progress through pictures.

5. Find A Workout Buddy

If you need help staying on track, you may want to consider a workout buddy. If you choose to have a workout buddy, just be sure you don’t allow them to get you off track if they quit. You have to be willing to move forward without them.

6. Start Slow

It’s human nature to want to start out full force with an exercise program when motivation is high, but avoid this temptation. If you jump in too fast you could risk injury, excess soreness, and you’re at risk to burn out and quit.

7. Don’t be Afraid To Change Your Routine 

Don’t let your exercise routine get stale. Be willing to change things up to keep it exciting. Try a new class, a sport, or change your weightlifting routine. Do what it takes to keep the fun and excitement in your workouts.

8. Celebrate Milestones

Did you lose 5lbs? Did you meet a weightlifting goal? Did you go down a jean size? Celebrate these small milestones with something other than food.

9. Keep A Packed Gym Bag Ready

Everyone has busy days where they’re running around trying to get everything they need, and these are the days you’re at risk of skipping a workout. Pack your gym bag the night before and prepare any meals you may need. Set yourself up for success.

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These tips can help you stay on track with your exercise program long-term. If you plan ahead, celebrate your success, and find something you enjoy, you will succeed with your exercise program.  No matter what’s affecting your motivation to stick with an exercise plan, you’ll find more helpful tips in my free report, Stick With Your Fitness Resolutions.  Remember, you’ll feel awesome once you meet your fitness goals and this report will help you on your fitness journey.


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