20 Diet And Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid


A lengthy list of 20 mistakes to avoid and, more importantly,  20 things that you can embrace right now to start losing weight. Get all the information you need to make a positive change in your weight and your life.

After you read this ebook and begin to implement some of the advice, you will be able to start losing weight right away.



Dieting is difficult. You want to lose weight, get healthy and maintain your goal weight, yet everywhere you turn there are different diets telling you different “secrets” to lose weight. This abundance of misinformation is enough to make your head spin.

It also leads to a lot of dieting mistakes.

The truth is that dieting and losing weight isn’t so much about following a specific and secret process. Rather it’s about making positive changes to how you think about, prepare and consume your food.

In fact, after you read this ebook and begin to implement some of the advice, you’ll be able to start losing weight right away. It includes:

  • The one change to your diet that will lead to the most significant results
  • The right snacks to prevent hunger
  • How to enjoy a ‘cheat’ day
  • Why you shouldn’t give exercise too much credit for burning calories
  • Are you drinking 1,000 or more calories a day?
  • Why the calories that you get from a cookie are different than the calories that you get from an apple
  • Why skipping meals causes more problems than it solves
  • Eating healthy and losing weight doesn’t have to be boring
30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If, within 30 days, you’re not completely satisfied that this ebook gives you 20 actionable points that you can take to avoid dieting and weight loss mistakes, I’ll give you a full refund. Plus I’ll let you keep the ebook as a way of saying thanks for reading it.