5 Tips For Building Lean Muscle Tone For Women

How To Build Lean Muscle Tone For Women

Achieving good muscle tone for women can be more of challenge that it is for men. If you want to look more toned it’s achieved by building muscle tone and making those muscles much leaner. Many women seek to improve their fitness levels, partly for health reasons and, of course, partly for looks.

A woman’s body is different to a man’s in many ways. The way that a woman builds muscle is also a little different. Here are the top 5 ways to achieve good muscle tone for women who want to improve their overall appearance.

How Build Lean Muscle Tone For Women

Generally, muscle tone improves when the muscle fibers become larger, which is often the result of regular training with weights and thus weight training is the best way to improve muscle tone for women. Many women aren’t interested in knowing how to build muscle tone because they think that they will develop a bulky male body-builder shape. But even if a woman lifted heavy weights everyday she wouldn’t get that male bodybuilder shape as men’s bodies develop that way due to the testosterone hormone that has very low levels in women.

1. Increased Repetitions When Weight Training

Good muscle tone for women is achieved by challenging your muscle fibers. Muscle Tone For WomenEach time you are weight training you need to increase the number of repetitions that you are doing to stretch the muscles further. An ideal workout would be a sensible weight but at six to twelve repetition sessions.  However, if you are looking for lean muscle the key aspect is to not go above this limit. This is because you want to train your muscles for strength rather than stamina as it is strength that gives you the lean muscle tone.

2. Eat More Protein

A key aspect to remember is muscle can weigh more than fat so don’t be alarmed if the scale numbers increase. But that doesn’t mean you should start starving yourself. Good muscle tone for women is also achieved by eating a nutritious and balanced diet. This includes a healthy amount of protein whether you are exercising or not. And, if you’re looking for muscle tone definition this becomes even more important. Protein is essentially the building blocks for muscles. The more you have the more you can build your muscles. Protein is also filling so can help you feel fuller for longer and reduce the cravings to snack between meals.

3. Reduce The Amount Of Carbohydrates You Eat

Carbohydrates are most commonly found in foods such as bread, pasta, and rice. Although they are also a necessary part of a healthy diet, you want to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you are consuming if you are trying to build lean muscle tone. This is not to say cut them out completely as they are still an essential part of a healthy diet. Carbohydrates help the body release insulin, which is needed for energy and to help with muscle repair.

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4. Eat More Vegetables

Again, vegetables are a key part of a healthy diet and should be eaten every day. When you are trying to build lean muscle tone vegetables become even more important. Vegetables generally contain very few calories and have a high thermic effect. This means they consume a lot of energy to eat, digest, and burn through again. This helps with building muscle tone, particularly if they are eaten raw or just slightly cooked.

5. Minimize Your Cardio Workouts

A toning workout plan for women using weights to is a very different type of exercise to cardio workouts. They each achieve different aims. If you’re focusing on building lean muscle tone then you need to minimize the amount of cardio workouts you do. The long distance running or cycling workouts are particularly the worst as they encourage muscle wastage. Rather than eliminate all cardio workouts, you will help build muscle tone by including very short bursts of high intensity runs or cycle workouts. However, this is the absolute maximum cardio that you should do, as it will not help with building muscle.

The Truth About Lean Muscle Tone For Women

The more muscle you have to contract, the more calories you burn. So, if you have a large percentage of muscle mass in your body, you end up burning more calories when you engage in any form of physical activity. Remember that because a woman’s hormones are different to a man they effect the results of female workout routines for toning as well as a women’s appetite control, metabolism and weight loss. But this doesn’t have to mean that just because you’re a woman you can’t reach your personal fitness and weight loss goals,

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