6 Super Fitness Trends For 2017

Have You Tried These Fitness Trends?

fitness trends

Is this your year to get in shape and stay in shape?

If this is your year to get in shape and stay in shape, there are some great fitness trends around at the moment. And even though they are considered trends, the chances of them staying around for years to come is exceptionally high.

Truth is, weight loss is a lifestyle and not a fad. It’s  a result of a consistent effort that involves exercise, proper food intake, and the right amount of rest. There’s no reason not to jump on board with one or all of these fitness trends.

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What Are The Benefits Of Eating Whole Foods?

5 Ways Eating Whole Foods Serves Your Health

eating whole foods

Do whole foods really make a difference to your health?

If you’re looking for a way to stay healthy, decrease the risk of suffering from some serious diseases, and slow down the process of ageing, then you should be eating whole foods. Whole foods are the foods closest to their natural state. This means that they contain much more nutrients than processed foods.

Of course, it’s incredibly hard to make your diet consist of whole foods only, but you should strive to make them the majority of the food you consume. Whole foods can be unprocessed vegetable, fruits, beans, seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, seafood, fish, eggs, red meat, and poultry.

In case you need to be convinced to start eating whole foods, here are 5 ways they contribute to your well-being.

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7 Healthy Easter Treats For You And Your Kids

Healthy Easter Treats You’ll All Love

Trying to find healthy Easter treats for you and your kids can be challenging at this time of year. You want your family to have a healthy Easter treatsmemorable Easter, but you’re probably concerned about all of the unhealthy calories in the sheer amount of chocolate that shows up this time every year.

An average size chocolate egg can contain over 1000 calories! So why not try some fun Easter treat alternatives instead?

These “un-chocolate” gifts ideas below will help to make it a fun Easter for all your family, without it becoming a sweets and chocolate overload!

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