Don’t Be A Slave To The Weight Loss Scales

Are You Obsessed Over The Numbers on Your Weight Loss Scales?

Weight Loss Scales
Do you dread stepping on the scales each day?

A lot of weight loss “experts” will tell you to weigh yourself each and every day if you’re trying to lose weight. The idea seems to make sense on the surface. Regularly checking yourself on a set of weight loss scales leads to motivation when you see positive results.

This improves your focus and dedication to the efforts you’re making, and can lead to even greater results.

But what happens to you mentally when the scale doesn’t tell you what you want to hear?

Don’t Be A Slave To The Weight Loss Scales

This is where the unfortunate power of negative reinforcement goes to work. You religiously check your weight loss scales every day, and it shows that you aren’t losing weight, or possibly even putting on some pounds. This “once a day” reminder that your weight loss isn’t happening can have an extremely negative effect on your outlook, and could even cause you to abandon your weight loss efforts altogether.

There is nothing wrong with checking your scale every day if you’re on a weight loss journey. Just remember not to obsess over the numbers.

Reaching Your Target Weight

It took you a lot of time, probably many years or even decades, to become overweight or obese. Even the most heartfelt effort, using the most efficient fat-burning weight loss techniques, isn’t going to create the body you’re looking for overnight. Checking the scale and recording your weight is just one of the many things you need to do for an extended period of time to reach your target weight.

Scales Don’t Make You Lose Weight

There’s another reason why obsessing over the numbers on  your weight loss scales works against you. Staring at your scales doesn’t make you lose weight. Stepping onto your scales, waiting for the digital reading or old school needle to display your body weight and then recording that data doesn’t help or hinder your weight loss.

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However, obsessing over those numbers does negatively influence your overall results for a very simple reason. You should be obsessing over the process, not the results. You have found a weight loss plan you think will work for you. It has proven effective for others. You may have even seen some signs that it is beginning to work.

Focus your attention on following that plan, not on what the scales are telling you.

Work On The Process Not The Results

Whatever steps are involved in your weight loss plan, obsess over following each and every one of those steps to the letter. The process is what creates the results you’re looking for. Instead of being results-oriented (always staring at your scale), you need to be process-oriented (always doing the things you need to do to lose weight).

So instead of focusing on the numbers you’re seeing, how fast or slow your weight is dropping, focus on the individual steps and efforts required to lose the weight. Continually perform those actions that have proven effective for burning fat and losing weight, and the numbers on the scale will take care of themselves.

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