….And This Is Why You’ll Never Lose Weight

7 Reasons Why You’ll Never Lose Weight

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What’s going wrong with your weight loss plan?

Do you feel that no matter how much you exercise or how healthy you eat that you’ll never lose weight? With so many diet and health plans circulating these days, it’s difficult to choose a program that works for you as an individual.

If you’re struggling with weight loss you’ve most likely tried dozens of diets that promise results but don’t deliver. You’re eating the right foods and you’re exercising regularly but you just can’t seem to shift those unwanted pounds. You think that you’re doing all the right things so what’s going wrong? Here are 7 reasons why you’ll never lose weight.

7 Reasons Why You’ll Never Lose Weight

1. You Think Fruit Cocktail Is The Same As Eating Whole Fruit

We all know we should eat five servings of fruit (and vegetables) every day. But watch out for canned fruit. Anything canned typically has preservatives and additives. Fruit cocktails have a ton of added sugar that ups the calorie count dramatically, besides the hazards of the refined sugar that’s also included (aka heavy syrup). Fresh, whole fruit always wins! But don’t forget the veggies too.

The truth is that fresh vegetables are a better choice in produce. This isn’t  to say that you shouldn’t eat fruit, but, vegetables have more nutrients and much less calories and sugar. The sugar in fruit is known as fructose, which is stored in the liver instead of in the muscles. All vegetables, especially the green ones, should fill the largest part of your plate at every meal and snacks for that matter.

2. You’re Avoiding All Fats 

You might think that you’ll never lose weight if you eat fat.  But healthy fats play a critical part in our health and wellness because they play key roles in internal body functions. They also help prevent chronic diseases, like heart disease, because they help to control bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Fat is also important to maintain healthy hormone levels and make use of vitamins. Fat is also necessary for muscle growth and it helps to regulate the appetite.

The key is to focus on healthy fats, like, olive oil, fish and fish oils, avocados, flaxseeds and raw nuts. A diet without fats that is mainly comprised of carbs and protein can make any fat loss or muscle building goals virtually impossible to reach.

3. You’re Not Eating Any Carbohydrates 

Poor old carbohydrates really do have a bad reputation. But it’s undeserved. Carbohydrates don’t make you fat unless eaten in quantities that increase your calorie intake well beyond your needs and you only eat simple carbs, like, sugar, cakes and cookies. The key is to eat good carbs, and not simple sugar carbs.

Complex carbs including, whole grains and vegetables are your best sources, while simple carbs, like sugars and white starch, should be kept to a minimum because they are not nutrient rich and are therefore not quality calories.

Carbs are necessary components of an overall well-balanced diet. The more variety you have in your diet, the more nutrients you consume and the better health you will enjoy. Also, if you want to gain muscles then you need carbs. When you eliminate them you might burn more fat during workouts, but, you will not have the energy for long-term effective workouts because it’s carbs that fuel intense workouts.

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4. You Hate Exercise

Whilst eating a healthy diet is important for losing weight, the odds are stacked against you if you don’t do any physical activity because you hate exercise. Exercise is key to good health and weight loss. It also improves mood and alleviates stress, both of which are key to healthy weight loss. If you think that exercise is boring and a chore, you’ll soon find excuses for not doing it.  Find ways to keep physically moving with activities you actually enjoy. This way you’ll find yourself ‘exercising’ more frequently, and you’ll enjoy it too.

5. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep plays an important role in weight management for several reasons. A study of women cited in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that those who got less than seven hours of sleep per night gained weight. And other studies have shown that even minimal sleep deprivation increases the production of the hormone ghrelin in the body, which triggers feelings of hunger, even when you’re not. Think about it, how often have you eaten when you were really tired?

6. You’re Trying To Starve Yourself

Some people think that you’ll never lose weight unless you starve yourself. This is an extremely unhealthy way to go about it because your body goes into starvation mode. It’s not sure when the next time that it will be fed, so it simply reserves its energy and clings onto your body fat. If you starve yourself on a crash diet any weight loss you achieve is virtually always short-term. When you finish the diet any weight lost will most likely go straight back on. It’s a gradual process to lose weight. You need to plan ahead and keep focused on your goal. Expecting huge weight loss right away often leads to disappointment. However, with gradual weight loss you’ll enjoy the results long term.

7. You Don’t Allow Yourself Any Treats

The only way to lose weight and keep it off forever is to change your habits and learn to make healthy choices, both in the way you eat and how you exercise. While you’ll need to make changes to your diet, you can still enjoy your favourite foods in moderation and lose weight. If you reward yourself occasionally with a treat you will find it easier to stick with your new lifestyle of improved nutrition and fitness which helped you to lose weight in the first place.

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