Is It Better To Do Strength Training Or Cardio Exercise?

Strength Training Or Cardio?

strength training or cardio
What’s the best exercise for you to reach your goals?

When it comes to exercising, many of us are always trying to find the perfect solution to every problem. We don’t like our legs, so we look for the way to fix it. We don’t like our arms, so we look up ways to get the perfect arms.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear cut way of getting the body that you want, and different factors come into play when deciding whether it’s better for us to do strength training or cardio exercise.

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Learning Strength Training Basics Isn’t Difficult At All!

Strength Training Basics

Many people want to start a strength training routine but aren’t sure how to do so, or what to do. If you’re completely new to strength training, you’ll want to start out easy. Never push yourself until you’ve done this awhile and know when you can push yourself.

The terms strength training, weight training and resistance training can be used synonymously. It’s generally a personal preference as to the terminology people use.

Before we get into the strength training basics, let’s look at some of the benefits of this type of exercise. 

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Heavier Weights Or More Reps: Let’s End This Debate Once And For All!

Is It Better To Do Heavier Weights Or More Reps?

Heavier Weights Or More Reps
You have you reached your “Fitness Plateau”?

So you’ve been hitting the gym for quite some time, you’re past the novice stage, and showing good progress. However, you’re now looking to add more strength to your body but find yourself confused over the next appropriate step.

Should you be going for heavier weights or more reps at this particular stage of your training? This confusion results from plethora of information you get from your friends, training partners and internet forums.

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4 Effective Exercises To Work Out Your Biceps

How To Work Out Your Biceps

Work Out Your Biceps
Arm exercises work your back, shoulder & core

If you’re a woman, you’re most likely going to want to work out your biceps to give your arms tone and definition.

The benefits of toning your arms are many.  For women, it means that you can wave your arm without worrying about the bingo flap. You know, that section of your upper arm that hangs down when you raise it.

In the summer you can rock a tank top, a sun dress, or a short-sleeved shirt with confidence and pride.

While there are dozens of exercises that work out your biceps, the 4 exercises below make the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time.

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How Effective Is Strength Training For Fat Loss?

Strength Training For Fat Loss

strength training for fat loss
Strength training is the fastest way to burn fat.

In terms of your workouts while trying to lose more fat you shouldn’t just just be doing cardio exercise. Strength training, also called weight training, is really important for everyone, whether you’re trying to burn fat or just be healthier overall.

Strength training gives you a better quality of life. You avoid injury, lose weight faster and easier by burning more fat, and will just look and feel better overall.

There are a lot of reasons to add strength training to your fitness routine and not many reasons to avoid doing it. So why choose strength training for fat loss over other forms of exercise?

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6 Strength Training Exercises For Women That Burn Fat Fast

Strength Training Exercises That Burn Fat

A lot of women worry that strength training exercises will bulk up their bodies. ButStrength Training Exercises doing workouts for strength training doesn’t necessarily have to bulk you up. It can actually tone your body and help build your muscles just enough to help hold your body in more perfect alignment. Doing so can help you appear thinner and reduce body fat at the same time.

Strength training exercises help you to burn fat, fast.  The reason is that the more muscle you have, the more fat you can burn though normal activities. You can also combine aerobic exercise with strength training to get a double whammy effect for fighting unwanted fat.

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