What Happens When You Exercise On An Empty Stomach?

Can You Boost Energy Levels When You Exercise On An Empty Stomach?

exercise on an empty stomach
What are your exercise and training goals?

When done properly, exercising can actually leave you with more energy than when you started. Numerous study results prove this over and over again.

But what if you exercise on an empty stomach? This issue, also called fasted training, is a topic of discussion right now in exercising circles.

While there are strong opinions on both sides as far as the merits of doing it or not, let’s look at the science behind it.

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Am I Too Old To Start Lifting Weights?

How Do I Start Lifting Weights?

start lifting weights
Age is not a factor when it comes to weight lifting.

Not only is it never too late to start lifting weights, but weight training actually becomes more crucial as you age. This is because if done often enough, weight lifting can help reverse, or at the very least, slow down the loss of muscle mass and bone density that occurs naturally with age.

Energy levels gradually decrease as we grow older. As a result, most middle-aged individuals and beyond assume that it’s too late to get into weight lifting. That, however, could not be further from the truth!

To ensure you get started on the right foot, here are a few pointers on the best and safest way for senior adults to start lifting weights.

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10 Exercise And Fitness Myths That Will Fool Your Workout

Watch Out For These Common Exercise And Fitness Myths

Exercise And Fitness Myths
It’s often hard to sort the exercise myths from the facts

When it comes to keeping healthy, it’s often hard to sort the exercise and fitness myths from the real facts. It seems that everyone these days has an opinion and everyone is a self-appointed fitness expert.

There’s quite a bit of hype about health and fitness. A lot of it comes from quick-fix solutions that aim to sell us something easy, the magic pill, or the latest and greatest product that will make us super fit in record time.

When you’re armed with accurate information, you’ll get better results from your workout. Here are 10 common exercise and fitness myths that you need to know.

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7 Fun Ways To Exercise In Cold Weather

How Can You Exercise In Cold Weather?

A lot of people don’t exercise in cold weather. They go out less, they exercise less, they eat more exercise in cold weatherand they put on the pounds. Exercising outdoors in cold weather can be tough.

Not only is the weather uncomfortable, but getting ready to go out can take a long time. People often just don’t exercise, instead of going through the trouble of putting on layers and layers of clothing to venture out into the cold.

But what if you could turn winter’s cold weather into a game? Instead of resisting the weather, you can use it to your advantage to get exercise, to burn calories and to improve your fitness. It can also be a great way to bond with family and friends . Here are 7 fun ways to exercise in cold weather.

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Top 10 Exercises You Can Do At Home When You Can’t Go To The Gym

10 Fat Busting Exercises You Can Do At Home

If you want to get healthier, fitter and build a better body there are many exercises you canExercises You Can Do At Home do at home without going to a traditional gym. While there are some people who like the routine of going to a gym at a set time each week for their workout, there are many of us who often don’t have the time. Plus some people don’t have the budget for a gym membership or simple don’t have the inclination to go to a gym to exercise.

In fact some people, such as the highly trained and toned Navy Seals, actually prefer doing at home workouts.  You can exercise at home without equipment and really give your body the attention it deserves. This means you don’t have to worry about other people looking at you when you’re at the gym or waste time waiting around for other people to finish with equipment that you want to use.

Here are 10 exercises to do at home when you can’t (or don’t want to) go to the gym.

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5 Tips To Enjoy A Stress Free Christmas

How To Have A Stress Free Christmas

Even the most festive types, a stress free Christmas can be a challenge with the expectations ofstress free christmas social events, gift shopping, and entertaining guests. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association 8 out of 10 people expect to experience an increase in stress over the holiday season.

The hormones cortisol and adrenaline surge into your bloodstream each time you experience any amount of stress. These two hormones tell your body to preserve energy, in the form of stored fat. With stress comes a greater risk of anxiety and depression, and reports from the Mayo Clinic show that depression is frequently an unwelcome guest over the holiday season. Stress will also raise your blood pressure and your heart rate which causes increased risk of stress on your heart.

All is not lost however, there are many ways you can minimize your anxiety to have a stress free Christmas.

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Too Busy To Exercise? Here’s 10 Tips To Get You Started

10 Tips If You’re Too Busy To Exercise

If you feel that you’re too busy to exercise, you’re not alone. More than 80% of all Americans gettoo busy to exercise less than the required amount of exercise every year. But today’s sedentary lifestyles can be dangerous and even deadly. Regular exercise helps you to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer.

We are all busy these days, but what is your reason for not exercising? A lack of time or lack of motivation? The point is regardless of your schedule, you have to make time and want to exercise if it is going to happen at all.

If you have the desire, but your schedule is such that you really do have a hard time finding time to exercise, commit to doing what you, when you can. These 10 tips should help you get started.

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Why Is It Good To Have A Workout Buddy?

5 Ways A Workout Buddy Serves Your Fitness Goals

If you find that you’re lacking the right motivation to exercise regularly, you may see some benefitsworkout buddy from getting a workout buddy. It’s a well established fact that fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. We hear this all the time from the experts. Regular exercise makes us feel and perform better in our everyday lives.

However, finding the proper motivation for working out regularly can be extremely hard. If you’re struggling with this particular issue, then you might want to consider finding someone to be by your side during every training session.  It’s time to find a workout buddy!

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What Is Functional Fitness And Is It Right For You?

What Is Functional Fitness?

Functional fitness can be considered working out for “real-life” situations. You prepare your Functional Fitnessbody to allow you to do the normal things that you do, day in and day out. This is the reason that most people want to be fit in the first place.

Not everyone wants to exercise so they can run marathons and compete in weightlifting tournaments. Most people just want to be strong and healthy enough to live their life and go about their daily routine.

So is functional fitness right for you?

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What’s The Best Exercise Class To Lose Weight?

Why Go To An Exercise Class To Lose Weight?

Going to an exercise class to lose weight is a great option if you find it a struggle to xercise class to lose weightmotivate yourself to stick to a regular workout routine. The class instructor provides you with that extra push you need to workout at maximum intensity. The other class members provide a communal and social element that keeps you coming back.

In addition to this, there are plenty of different classes available. So you’re bound to be able to find one that you enjoy. If you go to an exercise class to lose weight it’s important that you enjoy it. If you wake up in the morning dreading the class you’re going to that day, you’ll soon start to find excuses for not going at all. Let’s take a look at why exercise classes are an effective tool for fat loss and some of the best exercise classes you can try.

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