Exercise After 50 – What You Should Be Doing

How To Exercise After 50 Years Old

Many people get exercise wrong the older they get. Why? Because they often stop altogether. A lot of people stop exercise after 50. This is one of the worst things you can do to your body, especially at a time when exercise is needed more than ever.

The aging process hastens breakdown of muscle and connective tissue, and will leave you immobile if you sit there and do nothing about it.

Already over 50? No problem, you can still take matters into hand now and prevent an unfortunate outcome. Read on to discover how to exercise after 50 years old and what you should be incorporating into your fitness plan.

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How Tired Should You Be After A Workout?

How Do You Feel  After a Workout?

after a workout
Are you completely exhausted after exercise?

It’s a common misbelief that you should feel tired after a workout. And in some cases, it’s true. However, when done properly, exercising can actually leave you with more energy than when you started.

Our bodies are very efficient machines.  They only do as much work as necessary. If our energy demand is low, so will the production of energy to meet that demand. At the heart of energy production are little “energy factories” called mitochondria within each cell. Basically their job is to take food and turn it into energy to fuel our body. The more energy we use, the harder mitochondria work to meet the energy demand – up to a point.

So if you’re feeling completely spent after a workout, it could be from any of these reasons.

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6 Super Fitness Trends For 2017

Have You Tried These Fitness Trends?

fitness trends
Is this your year to get in shape and stay in shape?

If this is your year to get in shape and stay in shape, there are some great fitness trends around at the moment. And even though they are considered trends, the chances of them staying around for years to come is exceptionally high.

Truth is, weight loss is a lifestyle and not a fad. It’s  a result of a consistent effort that involves exercise, proper food intake, and the right amount of rest. There’s no reason not to jump on board with one or all of these fitness trends.

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10 Exercise And Fitness Myths That Will Fool Your Workout

Watch Out For These Common Exercise And Fitness Myths

Exercise And Fitness Myths
It’s often hard to sort the exercise myths from the facts

When it comes to keeping healthy, it’s often hard to sort the exercise and fitness myths from the real facts. It seems that everyone these days has an opinion and everyone is a self-appointed fitness expert.

There’s quite a bit of hype about health and fitness. A lot of it comes from quick-fix solutions that aim to sell us something easy, the magic pill, or the latest and greatest product that will make us super fit in record time.

When you’re armed with accurate information, you’ll get better results from your workout. Here are 10 common exercise and fitness myths that you need to know.

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