How To Develop A Family Fitness Workout Plan

Your Family Fitness Workout Plan

A family fitness workout plan doesn’t have to involve gym memberships, hours of time and Family Fitness Workout Plancomplicated exercises. While gym memberships and joining fitness centers are certainly good options, they’re not possible for everyone. And sometimes, the thought of intense training sessions and lots of time can intimidate a family into not getting fit at all.

Regular exercise has both immediate and long-lasting benefits for you and your family. Research has shown that physically active youngsters usually become physically active adults that live longer than their non-exercising peers.

The secret of a successful family fitness workout plan is to start small and incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your daily routine.  Here are some tips on how you can do it.

 How To Develop Your Family Fitness Workout Plan

Many of us can end up spending hours in front of the TV, computer or smart phone before we realize how much time has passed. Think for a bit about your weekend routines, or whenever you are together as a family. Establish some routines that involve exercise – family walks, hikes, or even just playing outside. Anything that involves physical activity can be implemented into a daily or weekly routine. The key is to plan it rather than waiting to see how the day pans out.

See The Exercise Around You

Think about your family’s daily activities – where do you go as a family? If there are stairs instead of elevators, take the stairs. Instead of fighting over the closest parking place, park far away on purpose so you have to walk to the store. There might be errands you can run using a bike or walking. If your grocery store is not too far away, take the family walking and pull a wagon. You can take the groceries home in the wagon.

Set Goals

Have a family meeting to talk about your family fitness workout plan so everyone can throw in his or her two cents. After all, these aren’t just about your goals for your family; these goals are also individual ones within the family. Ask your spouse and kids what their fitness goals are, and write them down. If no one has any, then you can write some goals and put them in a prominent place. Family fitness ideas challenges could include:

  • Running the community marathon as a family
  • Losing five pounds
  • Having more energy
  • Building stronger muscles
  • Fitting into a favorite dress or pair of pants
  • Doing better in gym class
  • Participating in a sport

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Exploit Family Interests

Look at what your family loves, and see about incorporating it into something physical. For example, do your kids like airplanes?  Get a toy airplane that you can throw in an open field; get several and race them. Just make sure they are the kind that you throw, not remote control! You want everyone to be chasing them.

Is your spouse interested in football? Instead of just watching it on TV, see about playing football as a family at a local park or in your yard. For little children, family exercise games like throwing a ball or just jumping and dancing to music can be a fun and healthy activity.

Maybe your kids have seen a movie with karate or some other martial art. Capitalize on this interest and get the family involved in your local martial arts school. Family members are a lot more open to getting fit if it’s an activity they enjoy.

Make It A Routine

Your family fitness workout plan has to fit into your daily routine. It makes fitness a deliberate activity with purpose, and it helps everyone remember to do it. It’s a lot easier to do something when it’s not a disruption. So find times when the family can work on their goals as individuals and together. For some, family workout routines are best after school; for others, early morning before school or work. The key is to write it in to your daily schedule so it becomes part of what you do automatically.

Get Input From Everyone

Try letting family members take turns at choosing your family exercise activities for the weekend. This way, one family member isn’t stuck with the burden of trying to motivate everyone and come up with ideas. Individuals may be more interested in participating in an activity if they thought of it themselves! Playing tag, running races, playing tennis – whatever involves physical activity for an hour or so is fair game.

What You Eat Matters Too!

If you want your family to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer, the benefits of family fitness workout plan are hard to ignore. But don’t forget what you eat matters too! It can be a challenge to get your family away from all those sweet treats, biscuits and cakes. But, with the right ingredients, you can turn “naughty” treats like brownies, cupcakes, cheesecake, apple crisp, and even moist carrot cake into a delicious dessert.

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