What Are The Best Foods Your Gut?

20 Top Foods For Your Gut

foods for your gut
There are two main types of foods that are good for your gut.

Are you having digestion problems like bloating, gas, diarrhea, or constipation? None of these issues are fun to deal with, and they can be embarrassing to live with or even talk about. There’s no need to be embarrassed though, because everyone has dealt with these things from time to time.

Sometimes poor gut health is linked to serious diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases, obesity, diabetes, liver diseases, chronic heart diseases, and some cancers.  Even though poor gut health can have serious consequences, much of what you need is just the right types of food. Here are 20 top foods for your gut.

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6 Exercises To Strengthen Your Core Muscles

What’s The Best Way To Strengthen Your Core Muscles?

Strengthen Your Core
Core exercises will tone your abs, back, butt and thighs.

If you’re trying to drop a few pounds, you’re probably doing a lot of targeted exercises to get in shape. You’re likely focusing on your abs and thighs the most, and doing what you can to lose a few inches around your belly so you can fit into those outfits you bought a few years ago.

There’s a huge factor that many people are missing out on as they are getting themselves into shape however, and to their own detriment. That important factor is to strengthen your core muscles.

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What Are The Risk Factors For Osteoporosis?

The Risk Factors for Osteoporosis

risk factors for Osteoporosis
There are two major factors that can help control osteoporosis.

Some circumstances in life increase the risk factors for osteoporosis, a condition where your bones have lost density and you are more likely to suffer a bone fracture. While some of these things are within your control, others are not.

But by knowing which ones you can control, you can talk to your doctor about an osteoporosis prevention plan. There are risk factors for osteoporosis that are both uncontrollable and controllable.

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Iron In Food: Everything You Need To Know

Too Much Or Too Little Iron In Food?

Iron in food is an essential mineral responsible for many functions in the human body. From sustaining healthy skin, hair and nails, as well as working to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP; the body’s main energy source), iron is one mineral we can’t live without.

It may be the fact that it’s the main carrier of oxygen throughout the human body that makes it most essential. But too much or too little can wreak havoc on your health.

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Does Tabata Exercise Boost Or Lower Your Energy Levels?

How Effective Is Tabata Exercise?

tabata exercise
The Tabata exercise training style is a broad spectrum.

Tabata exercise is a type of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Your workout involves going all out doing an exercise for a short period of time (like 20 seconds) and then resting half the amount of that time (10 seconds) before doing another 20-second set.

At the end of 8 sets, which took a total of four minutes to complete, you’re spent. For runners, it could be sprints for those 20 seconds. Studies have shown that Tabata exercise not only improves fitness levels, but can also be used as a weight loss tool.

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Why Workout With Kettlebells Instead Of Other Free Weights?

Workout With Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells or Medicine Balls?

Workout With Kettlebells
Have you tried a workout with kettlebells?

Dumbbells, barbells and other popular forms of free weights have been around for years, and we’re all familiar with the way they look. Even if you haven’t stepped inside a gym in months, you’ll instantly recognize the typical shape of dumbbells,  barbells and medicine balls.

However, you might not be so familiar with kettlebells. If you’ve seen them in the gym and you’re interested in trying them out, you might be wondering how you can workout with kettlebells and how they fare when compared to the other types of free weights.

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Do Obese People Live Shorter Lives On Average?

None Of Us Want To Live Shorter Lives

Live Shorter Lives
Obese people live shorter lives than those who are a healthy weight.

From a young age, most of us are told that it’s important to eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight that’s in proportion to our height.  None of us want to live shorter lives and eating healthier can help you to live longer.

We all sometimes go a bit overboard with our eating. Everybody is guilty of eating too much at one point or another. Sometimes we go to a party or a BBQ and end up eating way too much. Indulging every once in a while isn’t bad for you, but regular overeating can shorten your lifespan significantly.

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How To Combine Strength Training And Cardio For Best Results

Can You Combine Strength Training And Cardio?

Combine Strength Training And Cardio
You can build strength without getting bulky.

If you’re trying to get great results in the gym, you should find the best way for your body to maximise the time and energy you have. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, tone up, build muscle or just become healthier in general, if you combine strength training and cardio, it’s arguably the best way to do it.

Some people consider the two types of exercise to be polar opposites. The popular misconception is that cardio is for those looking to lose weight and strength training is for people who want to get big muscles. And this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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5 Signs That You’re Eating Too Much

Are You Eating Too Much?

Eating is a fundamental pillar of life for all humans. Moreover, most of us enjoy it, especially when it’s some great tasting food!

Unfortunately, we also don’t always have the best sense of when to stop and end up eating too much. Especially, in our current time when we have access to not only good-tasting foods but in immense quantities.

While we may poke fun at humorous situations such as Homer Simpson eating until he can’t physically move, in reality the consequences of eating too much can range from a simple mild stomach ache in the short term to the many health risks associated with chronic obesity such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

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Is Strength Training For Women A Good Idea?

How Important Is  Strength Training For Women?

Many people think that strength training for women is the same for as it is for men. When women think about lifting weights, they instantly think about getting big and bulky. While this is the look that some women want to achieve, many women don’t like the thought of becoming bulky after lifting weights.

However, lifting weights doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically become a big and bulky person. Strength training is very important for both sexes and here are just some of the reasons strength training for women is just, if not more, effective than cardio exercises.

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