3 Secret Diet Tips For Women Only

3 Diet Tips For Women Only

The reason that there are diet tips for women only is because a woman’s hormonesDiet Tips For Women Only are different to a man. These hormones effect appetite control, metabolism and weight loss.  A woman will face weight loss problems that men don’t. Sometimes it can feel like you’re doing everything right and even if you just think about having that snack bar you gain a pound.

There are some serious differences between the way men and women lose weight but it doesn’t mean that just because you’re a woman you can’t reach your desired weight and body shape. Let’s look at 3 tips for weight loss for women that will help you to focus on your personal weight loss goals.

3 Secret Diet Tips For Women Only 

1. Your Head Can Tell You That You’re Hungry (When Really You’re Not)

The first of our diet tips for women concerns a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Here women who took part in the research said they were not hungry when looking at, smelling or tasting sweets like cinnamon rolls or chocolate cake. But their brains registered the desire to eat them. Men on the other hand did not have this problem. Women should also acknowledge that premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can trigger cravings for sweet foods. If you do have cravings, try and plan for them. For example, if chocolate becomes irresistible, opt for dark chocolate as it’s very rich and smaller amounts will give you the fix you need.

2. After Exercise Hunger

Another problem women have to deal with that men do not is a large increase in a hormone that tells you that you’re hungry right after a workout. Therefore, that urge you get to start eating snacks right after you have done some exercise is not in your imagination. Research reveals that this might be due to evolution. Women are designed to make sure they remain fertile, and one of the ways your body tries to do this is by making sure that you don’t run out of calories to burn. Some elite female athletes have injections to stop their monthly menstrual cycle to help curb that desire to eat after an intense training regime. This, of course is not a recommended solution. Some of the best diet snacks can be made by cleaning, cutting up and storing fruits and vegetables, so they can be grabbed quickly after your workout. That way you are not tempted to open that bag of potato chips or packet of cookies.

3. Muscles Don’t Mean Being Bulky

In the same way that women are designed to protect their reproductive systems, men are designed to have less body fat and more muscle, partly due to their primary hormone, testosterone. Strength or resistance training to build muscles is often ignored when looking at tips for weight loss for women. Women worry that if they try to build muscles they will end up looking like a bulky male body builder. But women produce just a fraction of the natural muscle-building hormone testosterone that men do. Even serious female trainers with years of experience cannot build the bulky muscle you see on male bodybuilders. Regular resistance training on your upper body, lower body and core will add lean mass to your physique and you’ll burn more calories on a daily basis.


The tips for weight loss for women will vary to those for men because of the genetic make-up of a woman. To learn about a science proven fat loss diet for women that boosts the female metabolism and burns fat fast check out this free video presentation. You will probably have never seen these these breakthrough diet tips for women only that make fat burning a whole lot easier!

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