What’s The Difference Between Losing Weight And Losing Fat?

Why Focusing On Losing Weight And Losing Fat Is A Mistake

losing weight and losing fat
Don’t base success on how much you weigh.

When you’re on a weight loss mission, you naturally feel over the moon when the numbers on the weighing scale drop. But, what exactly is being lost? Is it muscle, fat, water weight or all three of them?

The truth is, a weighing scale simply can’t shed light as to what changes are happening within your body. And, this is why you should stop basing the success of your weight loss plan on how much you weigh.

What you should do instead is focus more on fat loss than weight loss.

So, what’s the difference between losing weight and losing fat? Let’s look at the difference between these two outcomes and why fat loss is better than weight loss.

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Diet Pills: Friends Or Foes?

Should You Take Diet Pills To Lose Weight?

diet pills
Diet pills may actually cause more harm than good.

It’s important to state that there are times when a doctor will prescribe diet pills for certain patients. Typically, this is done on a temporary basis and is highly regulated with a short term goal in sight.

But for many people diet pills are not a solution and may actually cause more harm than good. Losing weight is meant to be a process. In order to sustain it, it’s important to make profound habit changes that will propel long-term success. However, many people don’t understand this. They just want to shed all their excessive weight in the shortest time period.

Therefore, instead of maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, they turn to diet pills.
For an individual who doesn’t have enough drive to commit to a physically active life or who just can’t stay away from junk food, diet pills may look like a magical solution. However, even if they do help you lose weight, they are still bad for you.

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Why Is It So Difficult To Get Rid Of Fat Around Your Belly?

Still Trying To Get Rid Of Fat Around Your Belly?

Do you have a hard time trying to get rid of fat around your belly? Want to get a tight Get Rid Of Fat Around Your Bellytummy and get rid of love handles? Well, join the club! Losing stubborn belly fat is one of the most frustrating problems people have on their weight loss journey.

If you’re ready to finally banish that belly fat, it’s important to know why it’s so tough to lose so that you understand the reasons why you need to make certain lifestyle changes.

By controlling the factors listed below, you can shed pounds and get rid of fat around your belly. But remember, since belly fat is the last to go, don’t expect overnight results.

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10 Rules You Can’t Ignore When It Comes To Burning More Body Fat

Burning More Body Fat To Lose Weight

Burning more body fat is a major component in losing weight. You’ll need to burn fat every dayburning more body fat for long-term weight loss results. Remember that small steps each day can add up to big results after a period of time.

The challenge that we face is that our bodies were developed to store fat, burn fewer calories to fend off starvation. But today in the western world most of us are fortunate that we will not stave. Add to that the increasing sedentary lifestyles we lead and the high-calorie processed fast-foods we eat, we are more aware of losing excess body fat to become healthier, fitter and probably more content with our physical appearance.

If you follow these 10 rules when it comes to burning more body fat, you won’t be in the same place six months from now that you are in today.

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How Can You Detox Your Body Safely?

5 Considerations Before You Detox Your Body

Do you want to detox your body? If you’re the one of the many people who have heard thatdetox your body you may be carrying up to 20 pounds of excess waste and toxins due to buildup, you may be ready to take action. Before you start with a cleanse or detox, it’s important to determine if you are the right candidate and how you can do it safely.

Here are 5 factors that can help you determine if you are ready to cleanse and detox your body.

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Winter Weight Gain: What It Is And How You Can Avoid It

How To Beat Winter Weight Gain

Believe it or not, winter weight gain is a very real phenomena. In a study published in Avoid Winter Weight Gainthe New England Journal of Medicine, researchers found that a significant number of people who live in colder parts of the country tend gain weight during winter. Unfortunately, not all of this extra weight is lost in the following summer.

Although it obviously varies from person to person, surveys show that the average weight gain in winter is anything between 5 to 7 pounds. So how can you avoid winter weight gain and stop those unwanted pounds piling on?

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What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin C? (And Where To Find It)

Update: The Benefits Of Vitamin C

One of the most important benefits of Vitamin C is that it is a good antioxidant, which makesbenefits of vitamin C it good in preventing cancer. It has the important role of regenerating other antioxidants in the body.

Vitamin C, technical name ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin present in certain foods but that can also be obtained through supplementation. Humans are different from other animals in that they can’t synthesize the vitamin by their own bodies but must get it elsewhere.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of vitamin C and good sources of this super vitamin.

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Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips For Busy People

5 Healthy Eating Tips If You’re Busy, Busy, Busy!

This set of healthy eating tips will be really handy if you’re always busy. It can be aHealthy Eating Tips real challenge if you are busy all the time to eat healthy and nutritious meals. There is of course the time issue – just not enough time in the day for shopping, preparation, and cooking. This means that you eat a lot of ready-made meals, which are high in fat, salt and sugar content.

Then there is the fact that very often, as a busy person, you’ll and eat out more often, especially at fast food establishments. This of course, means eating foods high in fat and calories and lacking in the nutrients the body needs.

It is possible, though, for very busy people to eat healthier. When you know how to eat healthy it will actually help you to be more productive at work. Here are 5 healthy eating tips that should be considered to part of your work schedule.

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10 Tips To Help You Lose Belly Fat Naturally

How Can You Lose Belly Fat Naturally?

To lose belly fat naturally you have to eat the right foods, not overindulge, and exercise so thatlose belly fat naturally you can burn up the food you’ve eaten. It goes without saying that one of the best natural ways to burn fat is to exercise. But starting a new exercise program can be overwhelming.  At first you may be tempted to go all out right from the beginning or you might struggle to find thе timе tо introduce regular exercise intо уоur daily life.

Also, if you start trying to eat foods that you don’t enjoy and start an exercise program that you don’t like, you’re not going to be able to maintain it for the long term and get the results that you want. Here are 10 tips to help you lose belly fat naturally and you help you reach your goals.

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10 Steps To Losing Belly Fat Starting Today

A Simple Guide To Losing Belly Fat

Losing belly fat always ranks high on the list of weight loss targets for men and women Tips for losing belly fatof all ages. Many times, it seems to stubbornly refuse your best efforts at banishing it.

Even if you have tried and failed in the past, the following 10 tips on losing belly fat will have you burning off the flab, losing the love handles and discovering that the trim tummy look that you want is possible after all.

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