A Simple Guide To Proper Form When Lifting Dumbbells

How To Avoid Injury When Lifting Dumbbells

First, let’s talk about why you need to learn proper technique and form before you start lifting dumbbells.

Most people think that no matter how you lift weights, nothing will go wrong and your body will accept the pressure while magically adjusting itself to your lifting style.

This kind of mentality can end up hurting you as lack of proper form can result in injuries like sprains, strains, and dislocation of joints.

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How To Start Lifting Weights For Weight Loss

Why Lifting Weights For Weight Loss Works

Lifting weights for weight loss is an activity that many people neglect when trying to lifting weights for weight losslose those unwanted pounds. They believe that cardio will help them burn away body fat and lifting weights is only necessary if they want to build muscle.

However, the truth is that lifting weights is just as effective as cardio when it comes to fat loss. If you exclude weightlifting from your workout routine, you’re actually limiting your fat loss success. Lifting weight for weight loss is not about becoming a bulky body builder. It’s about making your body leaner, more toned, maintaining a healthy waist size and burning body fat in the most effective way.

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