5 Steps To Starting Your Summer Weight Loss Program

Ready To Begin Your Summer Weight Loss Program?

summer weight loss program
Get a healthy perspective of what life is all about.

Getting started on a summer weight loss program is often exciting and scary at the same time. On the one hand, it feels like a brand new beginning and not having to cover-up on the beach. On the other hand you may feel overwhelmed that there’s so much to do and you don’t know where to start.

The hard truth is that the majority of people give up on their weight loss goal once the initial excitement starts to wane and the going gets tough. You absolutely must have these 5 steps in place before embarking on any type of weight loss program. Getting these right will make all the difference between success and failure.

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5 Foods That Are A Lot Less Healthier Than You Think

These 5 Foods Are Less Healthier Than You Think!

Healthier Than You Think
Some so-called ‘healthy’ foods aren’t healthy at all.

There are several “healthy” foods that are a lot less healthier than you think. Food manufacturers advertise these products as effective for delivering lots of nutrition, helping you lose weight, keeping your mind sharp, and offering other physical and mental health advantages. Unfortunately, all the advertising tricks in the world don’t change the chemical composition of a food item.

If something is unhealthy for you, it is simply unhealthy. The following 5 foods are a lot less healthier than you think. Do your best to avoid them and your mental and body-based fitness efforts will receive a boost.

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How Can A Balanced Diet Keep You Healthy?

A Balanced Diet – Back to Basics For Better Health

balanced diet
Your body needs protein, carbs and fat to be healthy.

It’s often hard trying to eat a healthy and balanced diet with so many diet fads and this diet approach or that diet approach going around. Some diets count calories, others count fat or carbs. What’s the best solution when everything is so confusing?

The best plan is to get back to basics and eat a balanced meal plan. The truth is, your body has to have protein, carbs and fat to be healthy. Cutting any one of them out can lead to poor health down the road. You may feel better, in the early stages, but as your body tries to function over time without the necessary nutrients it needs, you will start to feel poorly again.

Let’s break down what each component does for your body and then cover some basic tips for eating a balanced diet.

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7 Signs That You Aren’t Eating Enough Vegetables

Are You Eating Enough Vegetables?

eating enough vegetables
Veggies a play a vital role in proper nutrition.

It’s important that you’re eating enough vegetables as they play a vital role in proper nutrition. Along with a diet rich in whole grains and fruits, veggies can deliver all of the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals you need for excellent health.

Unfortunately, today’s Standard American Diet (its acronym is ‘SAD’ for a reason) is lacking in healthy vegetables. This is the same basic processed and sugar-filled diet that is prevalent in most modern societies and cultures.

There wouldn’t be a problem if processed and fast foods delivered nutrition. However, they are lacking in most of the natural components and compounds your body needs to function properly. If any of the following signs sound familiar to you, you probably aren’t eating enough vegetables on a day-to-day basis.

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5 Effective Ways To Stick With Weight Loss

How To Stick With Weight Loss Goals

stick with weight loss
Weight loss has its ups, downs, plateaus and setbacks.

It can be a challenge trying to stick with weight loss. Many people would love to lose 5 pounds, but there are those who need to lose, as much as 30, 50, or even 100 pounds. A journey like that is not short nor is it easy and often includes ups, downs, plateaus, and setbacks.

So how can it be accomplished? You’ve seen the stories of heroic triumphs plastered across the internet, social media, talk shows, and infomercials, the ones with amazing headlines such as, “Amazing Mom With 5 Kids Finds Time to Hit the Gym” or “Spectacular 100 Pound Weight-loss With Common Sense Tactics.”

These are not miracles. These people did not find a magic pill. They used sensible tactics to stick with weight loss and reach their goals.

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What Are The Benefits Of Eating Whole Foods?

5 Ways Eating Whole Foods Serves Your Health

eating whole foods
Do whole foods really make a difference to your health?

If you’re looking for a way to stay healthy, decrease the risk of suffering from some serious diseases, and slow down the process of ageing, then you should be eating whole foods. Whole foods are the foods closest to their natural state. This means that they contain much more nutrients than processed foods.

Of course, it’s incredibly hard to make your diet consist of whole foods only, but you should strive to make them the majority of the food you consume. Whole foods can be unprocessed vegetable, fruits, beans, seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, seafood, fish, eggs, red meat, and poultry.

In case you need to be convinced to start eating whole foods, here are 5 ways they contribute to your well-being.

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7 Healthy Easter Treats For You And Your Kids

Healthy Easter Treats You’ll All Love

Trying to find healthy Easter treats for you and your kids can be challenging at this time of year. You want your family to have a healthy Easter treatsmemorable Easter, but you’re probably concerned about all of the unhealthy calories in the sheer amount of chocolate that shows up this time every year.

An average size chocolate egg can contain over 1000 calories! So why not try some fun Easter treat alternatives instead?

These “un-chocolate” gifts ideas below will help to make it a fun Easter for all your family, without it becoming a sweets and chocolate overload!

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6 Healthy Fat Burning Meals That You And Your Family Will Enjoy

6 Tasty Fat Burning Meals

Fat Burning Meals
Studies show a higher protein intake will help fat loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, it can be difficult preparing fat burning meals that both you and your family can enjoy.

When it comes time for lunch, you want to keep your metabolism up by choosing ingredients that will help you to keep burning more fat for the rest of the day. At dinner, you don’t want to make two separate meals, one for you and one for your family.

Luckily, there are some healthy and delicious fat burning meals that your family will love. These 6 meals below will help you burn more fat and help you to stay on track.

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10 Rules You Can’t Ignore When It Comes To Burning More Body Fat

Burning More Body Fat To Lose Weight

Burning more body fat is a major component in losing weight. You’ll need to burn fat every dayburning more body fat for long-term weight loss results. Remember that small steps each day can add up to big results after a period of time.

The challenge that we face is that our bodies were developed to store fat, burn fewer calories to fend off starvation. But today in the western world most of us are fortunate that we will not stave. Add to that the increasing sedentary lifestyles we lead and the high-calorie processed fast-foods we eat, we are more aware of losing excess body fat to become healthier, fitter and probably more content with our physical appearance.

If you follow these 10 rules when it comes to burning more body fat, you won’t be in the same place six months from now that you are in today.

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21 Reasons Why Your Diet Is Not Working

Why Is Your Diet Is Not Working?

Diet Is Not Working
What’s stopping you from your weight loss goals?

It’s frustrating if you’ve set you mind to lose some weight, but your diet is not working. The basic formula to lose weight (and keep it off) is to eat the right foods, not overindulge, and to do exercise to burn up the food you’ve eaten.

But it’s not always as straightforward as that, is it? If you are struggling with your weight loss, here are 21 common reasons why your diet is not working. Every point will not necessarily apply to you. It may only be a couple that are relevant to you or maybe even just one point is causing the problem. If any of these apply to you, take action to change it and you’ll be one step closer to your weight loss goals.

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